Double Insulated Hoffman Mountaineer

Double Insulated Hoffman Mountaineer

(8 customer reviews)

The Hoffman Double-Insulated Mountaineer is the warmest pack boot we offer! While other companies are either importing all materials or selling their boots at a premium price, Hoffman’s offers you the best pac boot on the market at a fair price. We use only the finest hand-laid rubber bottoms that feature 200 grams of built in thinsulate and an additional 9mm built in foot bed for extra warmth.
Hoffman’s exclusive Air-grip traction sole was designed to keep you on your feet in slick conditions. A removable 9mm felt liner with a moisture-absorbing polypropylene backing is added for extra insulation. Hoffman’s Made in Idaho leather uppers are hand-made with 7-7½ oz. oil-tanned leather and are designed to conform to your leg for added support. Solid brass hardware and no-nonsense lacing completes this boot. The Hoffman Double Insulated Mountaineer is an excellent choice for the outdoorsman needing a warmer boot during periods of cold temperatures or low activity.
This boot is a top-pick for ice fishing, tree stand hunting, snowmobiling or for individuals who have a harder time staying warm. For people using their pacs for working conditions, please look at the pro-series pacs that are designed for harsher environments.

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The Double-Insulated Mountaineer is an excellent choice for the outdoorsman needing a warmer boot for the most frigid conditions. This is the warmest boot Hoffman’s makes! This boot comes with a removable 9mm wool felt liner. The waterproof rubber bottom is insulated with 200 grams of thinsulate and the footbed is lined with 9mm of felt. The rebuildable, crack-resistant rubber bottom features a steel shank for arch support. Our air-grip sole provides excellent traction. Our premium contour leather uppers are made with our 7-7 1/2 oz. premium oil tanned leather.

  • Single shank for arch support
  • 7.5 Ounce oil-tanned leather upper
  • 9MM Wool Felt Liner w/ Polypropylene
  • Air-Grip sole for sure footed traction
  • Imported Rubber Bottom features added Insulation for optimal warmth
  • Leather is Treated To Be, But Not Guaranteed, Waterproof
  • Leather Uppers Made in Kellogg, Idaho.
  • FITTING TIPS: Hoffman felt pacs run true to size. Whole size order the same. Half size order down (i.e. 9 1/2 would order 9) unless you have a wide foot.

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8 reviews for Double Insulated Hoffman Mountaineer


    Warm!! – Anyone interested in a pac boot for hunting during the winter months would be hard pressed to find a better crafted pac for the money. I went with the 14″ Mounaineer after discussing options with customer service. I compared the Hoffman Mountaineer to boots from Schnee’s and White’s. All are made in the USA but IMO Hoffman has the best customer service and prices. You won’t go wrong with any of the Hoffman boots. Comfortable and warm feet all day with single digit temps. Thank you Hoffman’s!


    Thumbs Up – I’ve only had these boots about 2 months, but so far my only regret is that I didn’t get them sooner. First time in my life I’ve had warm feet with temperatures in single digits. Comfortable, with good support. If Hoffman made gloves, I’d be set. Build quality appears to be outstanding.


    Fantastic Boots. Period. – I bought these boots for a late season high country mountain hunt in Colorado. It was snowing, and mostly under 10 degrees. My feet were warm and comfortable. My biggest concern was movement, but I had no issues with weight or break-in. Best serious cold weather hunting boots I have ever owned. Thank you Hoffmans.


    Warm and comfortable! – I purchased these boots to use in the arctic. I had previously used Lacrosse Ice Kings which were warm but made my feet hurt terribly.  These Mountaineer boots turned out to be as warm as the Ice Kings despite having 200g of Thinsulate in the rubber instead of the 400g embedded in the Ice Kings.  Best of all my feet felt great and I wore these boots for 78 straight days out on the tundra in loose snow and very cold temperatures.  Not as supportive as the Hoffman thins and pro felt models but you won’t find anything warmer.


    Buy this Boot! – Buy these boots and support this company.  You will not be disappointed!!  I normally do not write reviews, but felt I had to for this product.

    I live in the north so since I was a kid (decades ago) I wore the Canadian boots until they sold the company and the quality tanked.   I tried several others until I found Hoffman.

    This boot is even better than I remember to old boots being.   Heavy duty materials and top quality workmanship.   I spend long hours in the stand, on the ice and just out in the cold.  They are as warm of a boot as you will find.

    Spend the money and buy one pair of quality boots instead of many pairs of garbage.   The quality is on the level of what you would get years ago.   It’s clear Hoffman cares about the quality of their boots.

    Support a company like this so real quality does not die.

    Thank you Hoffman Boots!


    amazing winter boot – everything people say is true about these boots, I bought them for doing carpentry during the winter in Maine. They saved my feet!! if you are inactive in single digit temps these are the boots.
      Also something that really sold me, is the leather uppers are sculpted to the shape of my leg. I have vary skinny shins and other brands like LLBean, sorrel… have so much room in the leather uppers that I can’t get them tight enough to hug my leg.


    Great Boots! – I needed to replace my 25 year old Iceman boots that were once USA made but are now imported and reviews of the new Icemans are not that great. These boots are a great replacement and they have the great quality of my former American made product! I am telling all my friends about your products.


    My feet finally stay warm! – By far the warmest boots I’ve ever owned!

    The boots I’ve been looking for for 40 years. In the past the only way I could keep my feet warm was to use chemical toe warmers. I’ve spent a lot of money trying to find a boot that would keep my feet warm without warmers.

    If you have poor circulation like I do and can’t keep your feet warm don’t hesitate, buy these boots! I wish I had found them sooner. The construction of these boots will serve me well for years to come.

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