Repair Services

What to do for boot repairs

As fifth generation shoe repairmen, the craftsmen at Hoffman Boots have worked on various styles and brands of boots. We realize that most people do not have a second pair of work boots or just really like to be comfortable in the old broke in pair you have. That's why all repair work is given a priority at Hoffman's and is generally completed in 2 to 3 weeks  - not 6 -8 weeks like most companies. We specialize in all brands and will happily repair your boots. Whether it is new soles and heels, eyelet replacement, stitching or adding our dual steel shanks to your existing boots, Hoffman's will do a professional job for you.

Estimate of cost of leather boot sole repair: As an example of our repair cost, a normal repair cost for new Vibram soles, heels and new leather heel blocks normally runs between $120.00 to $130.00. This is typically less than you will find at most major boot manufacturers. FOR ALL EH RATED BOOTS, PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT ONCE YOUR ORIGINAL SOLES ARE REPLACED, YOUR BOOT WILL NO LONGER MAINTAIN THE EH RATING FOR PROTECTIVE FOOTWEAR.

Lineman: Add our dual steel shank system to your existing boots when getting new soles and heels for an additional $30.00. This will add additional arch support to your boots when climbing. Hoffman Winter Pacs are completely rebuildable. If your boots are to the point where they need new rubber bottoms or just a new pair of soles and heels, send them back to us and we will have them repaired within a week.

Please remove insoles, tongues, laces, and liners (winter boots), when sending in repair.  Hoffman's will not be held liable for lost or misplaced items.

Please send all repair work to:

Hoffman Boots
c/o Repair
100 East Riverside Avenue
Kellogg, Idaho 83837

Please include a note with your boots with the following information.  If there is no note, the boots will be set aside until we hear from you.  Please include:

  1. Name and return address (UPS address if possible)
  2. Phone number
  3. What you would like done to your boots

You will be contacted for a method of payment once boots are ready to be returned.
For repair information, call us direct at 1-208-786-4851 and a repairman can answer any questions you may have.